Andrejs Sadkovojs – Mixing engineer


What Clients Say About Me

Andrejs is a perfectionist and an exceptionally mixing engineer/ musician who has not only great ears but also listening skills. His empathy and understanding of the artists and their vision is something that is hard to find in the industry - this along his great skillset is something that every artist would desire. The project Andrejs worked on featured songs from multiple genres from experimental folk to radio pop, and everything in-between, and unlike many engineers who prefer using presets Andrejs’ ability to use different tools and sounds within each genre was incredible – Each song got its customized mix, sound, and full attention that every artist who cares about his music would desire. In the process of mixing he also suggested many ideas on sound that would add to the song and truly made the songs better and brought their true vibe out. I am incredibly thankful and grateful to have crossed path with a true craftsman of sound and am looking forward to more collaborations in the future. Cannot thank you enough and recommend to anybody, anytime, before he gets very busy - if the world works as it is supposed to this mixing engineer has a great future ahead.
True professional from technical point of view! But the best thing about Andrew Sadkovoy is his attitude. He deeply goes in to the project and puts all his effort in to transferring idea which was created by artist in to his work.
Mike L.
He's a good sound engineer , glad to work with him.
Andrejs feels the soul of each track making it better not only technically but also focusing on idea/emotions of an artist´s creation. You feel like you have an additional band´s member whose smart and stylish transformations along with creative and unostentatious extras, will colour your music-picture.
Very nice guy that I had to work with as a musician, producer & mixing engineer. Patient, accurate, creative & understanding where he is and what he wants to do.